What are French Windows?

French casement doors and windows are outward openings, usual on to a garden or wide open space such as a central window or door leading to the garden.

 Now that may sound like patio doors or bay windows, but in this article, we will cover the difference between French casement doors and windows.

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Why French casement doors and windows?

You have likely come across casement doors in the past, but what about French casement style?

 The difference is French casement frames would be manufactured from two window frames, usually without a centre post and open up past the house from the centre outwards.

 Thus creating more space than conventional casement window or doors.

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How are French doors different to patio doors?

Patio doors traditionally are sliding doors that lead directly to the garden; however, as time has passed, it now refers to most types of doors that lead onto a garden.

French casement windows or doors are traditionally outward opening with 2 individual frames making up one door or window; this creates a sense of spaciousness second to none.

 Why French casement frames over patio doors?

  • French casement frames are secure. They come fitted with high-quality locks and hinges as standard.
  • Patio doors and windows can take up more space or open inwards.
  • French casement windows open individually with no vertical beam to restrict the view.
  • French doors and windows can be made to suit with optional colours and various handle options

What are the benefits & advantages of French casement doors?

  • Easy maintenance – French casement frames, pacifically produced from uPVC, are deficient maintenance, a quick wipe down, and they are brand new again.
  • Excellent views – As mentioned before, with outward opening hinges and no central bar. As a result, your views will be unbroken.
  • Extra security – With stronger hinges and locks plus the added protection of opening outwards, French casement frames make for an all-round more secure option when choosing your home improvements.
  • Extra ventilation – French casement doors have an opening range of up to 95 degrees making for more efficient ventilation for your household.

Different material options for French doors and windows.

The two most common materials are uPVC and timber for two different reasons. UPVC because it’s amongst and the cheapest material but still giving excellent results.

 Timber is a favourite for its visual effect. While not so cost-effective and more maintenance than uPVC, timber is often preferred indoors because of its visual finish effect, although it can be treated and used outside.

Other materials can include composite and aluminium. Composite is made from a mixture of timber, reinforced polymer glass and uPVC. It makes robust and long-lasting windows and doors.

Aluminium is another option and Windows & doors made from aluminium are long-lasting, strong and durable.

Despite this, timber, even with its extra costs and higher maintenance, is still by far the most popular.

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In this article, we have touched on the benefits of French casement windows and doors: extra security, performance and durability.