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How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

In short, the answer is: it is hard to pin down exactly how much solar panels cost!

Over recent years, solar panels have been growing and growing in popularity. More people are recognising the benefits that they can have for homes, as well as the benefits they have for the planet. Overall, solar panels are completely worth it in 2020.

Solar panels are a renewable source of energy, and are much better for the environment than fossil fuels.

In this guide, we’ll go over the benefits of solar panels, what they need to work, and finally, how much solar panels cost.

Solar Panels Cost - Man Installing Solar Panels

The Benefits Of Solar Panels

There is a reason that you see so many properties with solar panels installed: They are brilliant!

Clean, green energy – as mentioned earlier, solar energy is considered to be a renewable source of energy. This is because it is harnessed via daylight. Furthermore, it does not release excess CO2 into the atmosphere when it is used, and emits no ‘greenhouse gasses’.

Require very little maintenance – Solar panels actually require very little effort to ensure that they continue being effective. This low maintenance is even more noticeable in the UK, in which we do not often get heavy snowfall. We advise that you install your solar panels with a cage around the sides. This will stop any pesky pigeons nesting underneath them.

Very little noise pollution – Other than a slight electrical hum, solar panels do not make a sound. When installed on your roof, you will not even notice the hum!

You can sell back excess energy – If you find that you have leftover energy from your solar panels, you need not worry! You can actually sell back your excess energy to the National Grid. This means that solar panels are even more profitable for homeowners and businesses.

What Do They Need?

The answer to this is relatively simple. Solar panels just need daylight.

Once your system is installed with all the necessary components, you can just leave them to generate energy for your home. This is done by absorbing photons from the daylight that lands on them.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

As stated at the start of this guide, it can be very hard to pin down an accurate cost for your solar panel system. This is because there are a load of variables that can affect the price.

We have listed a rough guide for the prices below:

System SizeInverter MakeAverage Cost
*These are a rough guide price – may vary due to fluctuation

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