Grants For Windows And Doors 2021

green deal home improvement grant for windows and doors

Many people ask what grants are available for double glazing in 2021?

Many government grants for windows and doors used to be available to home-owners across the UK.

In 2021 this has changed. There is currently no government-backed scheme aimed directly at double glazing grants for windows and doors.

With so few people signing up to the government schemes, mainly due to the extremely difficult criteria to meet up to.

With less than 15000 homeowners signing up, the government decided to scrap the scheme back in 2015.

Green Deal Grants for Windows and Doors

Since then, the original green deal scheme ended in 2015, and a new privately backed solution has been unveiled. The new scheme is backed by the Green Deal Finance Company (GDFC).

Green deal loans are designed as a way for home-owners to be able to easily afford energy-efficient upgrades to their homes, such as double glazed doors and windows.

windows and doors fitted after green deal loan successfully applied for

Loans can be accessed for the following home improvements;

  1. Double glazed doors and windows
  2. Draught proofing
  3. Insulation (solid wall, loft and floor)
  4. Smart hot water systems
  5. Ground and air source heat pumps

Green deal alternatives to consider

If you require financial support to carry out energy-efficient home improvements to your home, another scheme is called the Energy Company Obligation (ECO).

This scheme provides support to lower-income households and the more vulnerable households looking to make energy-efficient household improvements.

There are other options to consider when thinking about funding or grants for windows and doors

Listed here are some other financial options;

  1. Increase your mortgage
  2. Use a credit card or unsecured loan
  3. Use your savings

If you decide to sell your home

Suppose you have a green deal loan for home improvements. You are obliged to disclose this when selling your property. Should the new buyer not be comfortable taking over the payments for the green deal loan, you may want to reconsider and factor this into the sale price.

illustrated guide to available home improvements with grants for windows and doors

If as a tenant you move into a house with a green deal loan

If you move into a rented property with a green deal attached to it, you will be paying off the loan through the electricity bill as the tenant.

This is because, as the tenant, you will be getting the benefits of the home improvements carried out by the green deal home improvements.

Switching Suppliers

Generally, you can still switch your energy supplier with a green deal in place. This is because most of the big providers are signed up to the scheme. These include British Gas, Eon, EDF, Scottish Power and many more.

There are a few smaller providers that you can not sign up for with a green deal in place. So we advise you to check this before switching.

If you are looking for a grant for windows and doors.

If you are thinking about finance options for new windows and doors then we can help.

Green home deals and other schemes are available to you as a homeowner considering grants for windows and doors.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and we can discuss the options available to you and your household.