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VAT in the UK

What is VAT?

Taxes are one of the major income sources for any government to obtain funds for public welfare, maintenance and running various schemes. Government imposes taxes on nearly anything and everything we do. Right from buying products to getting salaries, there are various types of taxes that are applied in the UK. However, one of the most common and one that you will most definitely pay at some time or another is VAT.

VAT stands for Value Added Tax. It is a tax imposed on the amount of value added to a product. The very idea of VAT taxation is to eliminate the cascading effect of taxation. VAT has a standard tax rates in the UK but rates may vary from one product type to another. The current standard rate in UK is 20% which was earlier 17.5% but increased in the year 2011. Every manufacturer, retailer comes under VAT and it is an indirect tax which is collected by them and then ultimately paid to the government after accessing their dues. Read More...

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  • VAT in the UK

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Maggie Wright
Amber Falls Ltd.

" "Environmental awareness is a responsibility of all of us. It is so nice and encouraging to find entities like Swan Turbines, showing their support. The more we become, the more powerful we are to stop damaging the planet we live in." "

Amber Carter
Glasgow Drops

" "Our contacts in Swan Turbines always show their compromise with a greener economy and a business environment that’s more friendly to our planet. We share the same vision and the same convinction, and working together to achieve a higher level of environmental awareness is just fantastic." "

Tia Fox
Goldenbridge & Doe

" "Swan Turbines is a great site. We have made great contacts with businesses that share our convinctions. Anyone who is interested in protecting our planet and being more responsible with our environment will for sure find useful information here." "