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    Supporting green businesses in Scotland.

    Our country is full of environment friendly businesses, so we have built this directory to help make them visible. Make little changes for a great result and support Scottish green businesses!

All united for a greener Scotland.


All our actions have an impact in our planet. Be them small or big, or seemingly unimportant, all we do is shaping the face of the Earth, for the better or the worse. We as human beings have the responsibility to make the right choices, so we ensure that the biosphere is protected. Not only for us, but for the next generations that will come after. 

We need to transform our economy. We have to change our habits and our whole conception of resource exploitation. If we don’t, then our world will not make it. But if we do, we will be able to enjoy our beautiful planet and preserve its millions of living species forever.

The purpose of Swan Turbine is to help those who want to make a change for the better. We have researched and listed environmentally friendly companies from all areas, their contact information and important data, and placed them all here for you. If you buy green products and purchase only from green companies, you will be making a huge difference for our planet. 


Change your choices today and find hundreds of green companies in Scotland. Every decision matters.


Own a green company? List it here.

If you own a business and try to make it green and sustainable, then we are here to support you. Contact us and send us the details of your company. If they meet our requirements, we will gladly list you and help thousands of people find and contact your company. We list businesses of any size and in any area. By accessing our premium membership, we will offer you a special place in our listings, as well as advertisement options to help your company grow and expand. We want to show you our support and help you, because you are the sort of business of tomorrow, and we are making our part in it.

In order to be considered a green company, you will have to meet at least one of the following requirements:

Sustainable use of resources

You have to include the notion of sustainability in your business plan. It has to be reflected in your use of resources, your recycling scheme and/or your management of energy. You have to make a reasonable use of your resources to ensure the continuity of your economical activity with no damage to the environment.

Use of green energy

Solar energy, wind energy and hydroelectric energy are renewable and sustainable. By taking the necessary measures you can adapt any business so it’s powered by green sources. This is especially important in areas with high demand of energy, like factories or large shops.

Environmental awareness

Companies have social responsibilities with their activities. Some businesses are running campaigns to educate people on taking care of the environment, as well as making changes in their own structure to become greener and more sustainable. If you are running an environmental campaign of any sort, please let us know and we will help you spread the word.


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Maggie Wright
Amber Falls Ltd.

" "Environmental awareness is a responsibility of all of us. It is so nice and encouraging to find entities like Swan Turbines, showing their support. The more we become, the more powerful we are to stop damaging the planet we live in." "

Amber Carter
Glasgow Drops

" "Our contacts in Swan Turbines always show their compromise with a greener economy and a business environment that’s more friendly to our planet. We share the same vision and the same convinction, and working together to achieve a higher level of environmental awareness is just fantastic." "

Tia Fox
Goldenbridge & Doe

" "Swan Turbines is a great site. We have made great contacts with businesses that share our convinctions. Anyone who is interested in protecting our planet and being more responsible with our environment will for sure find useful information here." "